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Sunday, September 28, 2008

My love story with Life

With every passing moment,
I think of you more than ever.
My friend, philosopher.
and that is how I want it to be,
For now, until ever.

Call me a hopeless lover
If you must.
and maybe I am that.
but pity is what he gets,
I...have had your time,
Your thoughts,
Some times your care.
Your weight too, I have felt.
Seen you as I see you
In me and beyond!
Nothing more you could give
Nothing more I would take?

Its funny, But I try to be you.
To make up for my irreplaceable need...
Eccentric they call!
But its a gift you have given me.
It is your zest for life that
fills me with fervor for my own.
If it wasn’t for your transparency, I would have blurred up long back
So I owe you
And I am sorry now I won’t pay back.
Remember...You didn’t let me!

So goes on and on, the list of your giving’s.
Makes me feel petty.
And I am that
Not that I mind… you know that, don’t you?
And you will not stop, would you?
Petty is not pretty for a long time baby
I am losing it…

One more thing
Oh godforsaken love, fuck you!
Will you... Can you... May I...
Let me stay with you,
Just, in that smallest part?
In that fade memory of casual acquaintance.

Too much... huh?
Answer me at least!
Or even in this piece of paper,
With you,
Wherever I am, I will be grateful
Like I always have.
Will always be.
That's the difference between you and me.
That's the reason why we can never be.
Of course, it is not like you want it
So where was I
Yup! pleading...
Stay no more.
I am crying already

So with this hope, not less…
That you will hold this once again,
I lock, with my life,
this treasure chest of
my loveliest luck.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

The philosophy of choice… and failed rejoice… Just another reason to blame the lame old sacrifice.

I had two choices only:

Either I could lose myself... to find others

Or just stay

And let others find me.
But others were very important for the 'I'

Yet 'I' wanted to live himself.

So I did what you would have done!

I did nothing.