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Thursday, August 5, 2010


Thought, be Cool

Much loved, Not much lover

And then I meet you

Earth goes round

I hear my songs

Play my games. We play

I am thinking

I manipulate

But it is said!

It had to be

Weather turns

And it gets hot

I like hot

Heat melts

And it is believed!

Belief breathes

And it is tattooed


I love the design

I show off

I put lemon on it

You go away

To lalaland

Get fantastic

Only pretty people allowed

So I can’t come

We talk on the phone

You never tell

Even when you’re back

Never take off your shirt

I don’t put my hand inside

By now I am nudist

The guy who parades naked for all to see

You give me some songs

I give you me

Weather turns

Pours acid

Eyjafjallajokull bars visibility

Logistics clash

But I put lemon on it

You don’t

Just stand in the rain

Despite me distressing

The tattoo will wear off

You look beautiful

I still whine


Become a girl

Even that doesn’t do it

So I listen to your songs


Even you don’t wanna miss a thing

It turns out

You just wanna let it be

Serves me right