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Sunday, November 30, 2008

And thats how i want it!!!

Sahil: Wassup
Shivam: My baby!
Sahil: bol
Shivam: My jaanam. I missed you sooh much!
Sahil: it hurts?
Shivam: LOLZ... So wat r u upto?
Sahil: online... got up at 2 online n paper n tv. Feel so useless. I wana c yuvvraaj n sory bhai. But i feel guilty to go watch a muvi at this stage
Shivam: I know. m just writin an article bt it... how people wont watch a muvi out of guilt... and the loss its causing to the industry
Sahil: oh..hmm..dude... now no new yr celebrations too... It l be too inhuman of us if we celebrate...
Shivam: Really... who told you that? I am going to celebrate new years... Even if I do that attending a prayer for the deceased... but I will!... and about you movie...I think you can watch a muvi...
Sahil: I will feel really bad yaar
Shivam: You don’t have to
Sahil: oh..hmm... y nt?
Shivam: because it doesn’t matter... doesnt make u a bad guy
Sahil: wen my city has suffered so much..n ppll hav died? Doesnt it? Maybe... but doesn’t feel kind of njoyment
Shivam: But you not enjoying wont benefit ne1... besides u r neways nt doin sumthin abt u might as well help people recover loses
Sahil: I am things to settle down atleast 5 %
Shivam: now thats hypocrisy
Sahil: lol
Shivam: doesn’t benefit anyone... certainly not the people who have lost directly... its for the best the city helps them get on with their lives... not remind them of their tragedy with empty streets and no life and celebrations... of course the respects have to and will be offered but then don’t disguise them in sadness either... it is a display of hope... Isn’t it?
ahil: wad you are saying makes sense. But still it doesnt feel right ya... i dunt kno..just
Shivam: i can understand... every1s feelin like that... but why not follow things that make sense yaar... all this loss... what is it but a result of non-sense
Sahil: but i feel stupid all the more..cuz after a few days,..i will start njoying neway... dunt kno how to run away from that... at least... i wont celebrate new yrs this yr
Shivam: Your least doesn’t benefit anyone even at the least man... not one bit. And as for you enjoyment after some dont have tio run away from it... for thats how life is... it moves on!! Over everything...even the biggest losses...and thank life for that!... for the world wud b a sad place otherwise... always mourning
Sahil: i kno man... but shudnt start njoying wen ppl r stil suffering
Shivam: mm ... all i m sayin is those who have been struck directly, their sufferin isnt endin too soon
Sahil: hmm?obviously
Shivam: and you aint gonna wait for that either... so where is the sense?
Sahil: i kno.
Shivam: like i said its just hypocrisy
Sahil: i told u it doesnt make sense...but it just feels better... this hypocrisy
Shivam: which by the way is totally justified at this point of time
Sahil: heart is senseless... especially during such times
Shivam: of course... and thank heart for that... for otherwise there wud be too much sense in the world... and too much sense is non sense again... much hazardous then when there is a lack of it
Sahil: LOL
Shivam: And i think this chat made a lot of sense...i l put it on my blog
Sahil: lol... thnx thnx
Shivam: LOLZ...i m not sayin u did.... m sayin I did in this chat!!!
Sahil: fu u then
fuk *
Shivam: i got that... without the foot note as man!!

As for you guys... Be THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE... DON’T BE SAD ABOUT THINGS THAT HAVEN’T... The past few days have been stressful and distressful... But it’s over now... and you have to let go of it... of the remorse I am saying...
Go home... hug your loved ones... get together and wish and thank that this was not worse... for it clearly could have been...
Have some coffee... watch a movie... or your favourite soap... have a good night sleep... fearless and free...
And get back... GET BACK to life... with more enthusiasm and ambition and will (For some... Justifiable vengeance)... for you know there is a much work pending on this planet... take the responsibility... for the today that will come tomorrow!
And that my friend will make us a worthy human being!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Another way... MAY GOD BLESS US ALL!

Another strike another blow
Just another freak show...
I am laughing at you
And you thought you will make me cry
Just few more droplets
And you will dry...
You have lost your charm
And you know it well
You swell in anger
Avenging death knell.
It rings upon you
And you can hear it too
So you deafen your ears
In your aimless shoots!
You barge... you bark
You stay in the dark
You look for a saviour
In our fearful remarks!
Your kill
Brings still, you thrive on this pain
Let me tell you this my brother
Your kill is now in vain
For you kill will be yours only
And never mine
I will not weep for the soul
You turn divine.
Let’s see then how far do you go
Let’s see how you take hunger for sorrow
Let’s see how then, some sense you make?
Let’s see how then, what path you take?
I will follow you
Wherever you go
I will follow you with a gun and a bow!
And then I will swallow you
For you will spare my life
Which you will my boy!
Once you realize what is like...
LIVING TO LIVE... and not living to die!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Dasvidanya: **1/2 ... Watch only if you absolutely have to!

Cast: Vinay Pathak, Rajat Kapoor, Sarita Joshi, Neha Dhupia, Gaurav Gera, Saurabh Shukla

Duration: 100 minutes.

Production: One more thought, Lemontea productions.

Film: Dasvidanya-The Best Goodbye Ever.

It’s like watching 10 different short films woven around one character and his story. And that too, a story you have heard a million times? I was genuinely expecting better from Vinay and his team.

Yes- Like we guessed, Dasvidanya is 10 things to do before dying!

Bur why only the most obvious of thing? Let me just remind the makers that- Simplicity is one thing and monotony another.

Amar kaul (Vinay Pathak) is the ‘King of the sad’. A 36 year old accounts manager who lives with his part deaf eccentric mother; loveless and over worked, ‘looser’, his only status and boredom, his fodder.

One fine regular day, he is told that he has stomach cancer and has just 3 months left to him, (And this happens so early in the movie that you can’t even relate to his misery, simply because you don’t even know Amar. In fact, you just ponder what more can there be to the story that will hold you for another 90 minutes... Dasvidanya to all such hopes!) He wonders around the city mourning and complaining, and ends up at a bar. Here he meets Pratap(Ranbir Shorey) who tells him that the only way to battle death is to live life. Amar interprets the advice like he interprets other things and decides to move on with his life, which revolves around his daily chores to do list and office weight that his boss Dasgupta (A disgusting over eater Saurabh Shukla) thrusts upon him. But soon, his inner him (A Sanjubaba gone despo-like Amar) tells him how ridiculous he is to continue with his rusted cycle, when he should be spending his last days fulfilling his most cherished dreams.

That’s when Amar makes his bucket list.

Beginning from an everyman’s dream- He buys himself a car, Bosses over his ever-dominating boss, thus, quitting his job. Gets back to guitar lessons and finds his childhood heartthrob Neha (Dhupia-Her liveliness on screen well appreciated), only to tell her how he feels about her (Some good moments here because Neha is now married, yet he has to tell her that he loves her. It;s his last wish!) He then goes to Russia to meet his best friend Rajiv Julka (Rajat Kapoor). But Rajiv’s wife (Suchitra Pillai) assumes he is there to receive free treatment since both, she and Rajiv are famous doctors. Amar overhears their conversation. Hurt, he leaves the house in shame and once again wanders around the city. He is broken and disturbed, and attempts to jump off a bridge in despair. But, his luck! He is rescued... or rather forced and beaten to back off by a Russian prostitute, who takes him to her house. By the time the two fall in love, it’s time for Amar to go back. But this time, he doesn’t come back empty handed, for he has accomplished three of his dreams on the trip, his overseas fantasy, his friend, and... Love!

Comes back home, to make things right with his brother(Gaurav Gera), and also puts up with his mother’s tantric madness (Lame but funny!). But he has one more dream left- that is to have a picture of him on the front page of a newspaper! What happens to that dream... after he dies? Watch the movie.

For it bids a sweet goodbye, leaves you with a smile... and almost makes you forget how miserable the first half was.

But, what I really miss in the movie is the discovery aspect of a journey. Amar accomplishes his old dreams... but then stops dreaming. What about new wishes, the new learning’s, a bucket list never ends, does it?

Besides Shashant Shah’s direction just enhances the tedium and blandness of the script. He experiments in the beginning with some borrowed styles but doesn’t go on... which just maybe for good though, but shows that he is under confident.

Vinay Pathak hardly invents and passes of each scene in unexplained hesitance. There is nothing new, in his portrayal of emotions but he plays off fair, none the less. Sarita Joshi (Mumma) however amuses you throughout with her clumsy yet delightfully hyper act. Others, including Neha Dhupia, Surabh Shukla , Gaurav Gera, Rajat Kapoor also do their thing.

The background score is a charmer and so are all the songs. And there is a good blend of locations and colours on screen too!

But even then, Dasvidanya remains just another addition to our library, highly ignorable and not worth the big bucks in multiplexes. A DVD watch won’t do any harm though, but wait for the genuine ones to come out...