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Friday, June 7, 2013

Walk in the Rain

He walked past
I let it go
Then came a woman. A woman, for
Christ's sake!
I said nothing
Then another, another
Yes, gender didn't matter anymore
And as the Old man walked by
It was known. They were all the same
Men, women, young and old, children
Something had to be done
I had had it till up here!

So as I spotted next person
Happened to be pretty girl in blue
I didn't let that deter me!
16 yards
Walking in my direction
I stopped
Placed both my feet on the ground
Firmly, my shoes made a sqilchy sound
I didn't let that deter me!
I looked into her eyes, looked deep
into them
Cos times like this, words are not enough

'Watch it miss' Roared I
'And all you other fucks
Handle with care,
The lethal weapon
You walk around carelessly
Don't you know?
With great power, comes great responsibility'

I could hear me breathe
Way above the rain
But I have a feeling
That's not why she said nothing
And walked away
Tugging at her Raincoat