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Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Dirty Job.

Someone has to talk about things nobody wants to talk about. Someone has to do - The Dirty Job.
(This blog was formerly called In Quest Of Sweet mortality)

Monday, June 18, 2012


Had everything she wanted
Very little
Just he never gave
He hadn't hated her
Or otherwise
He could have told her so
He didn't
Now she can't get away 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Oh Ri Duniya (Gulaal)

Her Husband just died
She cries
Near his body
But over her fate
She was unhappy when he was alive
She will have to be unhappy, now that he isn't

Monday, June 11, 2012

Womans World

She doesn’t want to see me today
There are days like these every few months
When she just cannot fathom the pain
So she keeps me away
To protect me

On those days I think about her life
Born so beautiful in Tunisia
Everybody would ask her parents if she was adopted
 So when growing up, her mother never missed a quick slap or a taunt
Just to let her know she was no angel

But she never understood
That this was no godly place either
And kept believing
  And kept praying

To the god who made her so beautiful
And then decided to be just
And take a few things away
So the girl next door could not be jealous

And many childish nights were spent outside the door
 From cold and what she had witnessed
Of a man
She called father

Yet she loved him every morning
Forgetting about the horrors of the night
He was a lovable man during the day
During the day

So the early days went by
In gathering what most were easily given 
Turns out that stuff he took away in exchange of extraordinary beauty
Was only the most ordinary of life otherwise
But then that’s all she ever wanted

She got more beautiful than ever
Craved by so many 
In ways she never could understand
Everyone said the world is at her feet
But a woman of sorrow sees different

If you think this was tragic
You have got to hear the story ahead
Let’s smile for a while
Before I continue

So where was I
On the rumors surrounding her beauty
Which spread to distant lands
And many came to see and conquer
And failed, but one beautiful man

A piper
An intoxicating dream
Deeper than every sorrow
She had ever seen

The contrast so blinding
She fell
Before she could realize there was no depth
But an abyss
Where he had come from

Will you believe me if I say she kept faith
Bore every burden they put onto her there
To show this piper how much she would give
And how grateful she was to have him
But the piper was a piper
What a joke

I wonder if she blames god now
Or who does she blame
Not the piper, she continues to love him
Does she see a way out
What keeps her sane

What baffles me even more is her spirit
Clean and joyous and untouched
Like I made the whole story up
How she continues being beautiful

An art
A hypothesis
A godsend not to part seas
But to show us how to swim
And emerge
But what about her

Wonder with me
Someday I will complete the tale
Of the girl from Tunisia
And the god that failed

Note. Womans world is one of my most intimate works as a writer. The poem is a tragedy about a Woman's life and how Men become such an intrinsic part of it.