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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Another way... MAY GOD BLESS US ALL!

Another strike another blow
Just another freak show...
I am laughing at you
And you thought you will make me cry
Just few more droplets
And you will dry...
You have lost your charm
And you know it well
You swell in anger
Avenging death knell.
It rings upon you
And you can hear it too
So you deafen your ears
In your aimless shoots!
You barge... you bark
You stay in the dark
You look for a saviour
In our fearful remarks!
Your kill
Brings still, you thrive on this pain
Let me tell you this my brother
Your kill is now in vain
For you kill will be yours only
And never mine
I will not weep for the soul
You turn divine.
Let’s see then how far do you go
Let’s see how you take hunger for sorrow
Let’s see how then, some sense you make?
Let’s see how then, what path you take?
I will follow you
Wherever you go
I will follow you with a gun and a bow!
And then I will swallow you
For you will spare my life
Which you will my boy!
Once you realize what is like...
LIVING TO LIVE... and not living to die!


Viral Savla said...

the picture of life, as it is .....
always left onto us to colour it and complete.....

dis was so true and so wonderfully compiled....

Peru said...



Shivam said...

we need to see look at this as the new possiblity... a new reality! believe in it for once we believe, it will come to us!