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Sunday, March 1, 2009


As I unshut my eyes today, ears,
Rolled, in, a troubled noise
And Reels and reels on unfamiliarity
Began to play in a wilted voice
Sounded like you.

How could I have been so long gone
That while has changed its measure
When is that I missed
When we went away forever
Was it my sweet quest?

In abuse, drips your picture,
Of substance, of defeats you faced alone
Why gather vicious shreds but?
When a new canvas, I can afford
Let me get two!

Dry, in white, will take too much wait
For red promises gently spread
Was my bother too, until
This scheme struck my head
Mine for yours and yours for mine
Thats how it has to be
I search myself in you
And you find yourself in me

Can we... father?


Viral Savla said...

nicely put poetry about a father-son relationship.

really admire it..!!

Shivam S said...

thanks !!!!!!!!! buddy....