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Monday, September 28, 2009


Its 2 am precise on the Tuesday 2 days short from the last quarter of the ninth year post 2000 years After Christ. And it just struck me what flavour the people of my new world thrive on.
I can’t recollect or identify when it began, damn my obsession with self or short existence. But tonight I know what I, like the rest of my kind, will spend my most probably numbered days doing.
Going ahead, progressing.
Doesn’t sound maniacal enough to be the subject to cross my mind an hour before evil is most alive, eh?
It’s the next level of terror. See... progress here too!
Progress Progress everywhere- Not a place you can spot that evades it- This damned progress.
An apt rule for life, is it as apt for ‘living’?
Let’s think together on that.
The purpose... Just assessment of thoughts. Not taking them anywhere! There can be meaning without progress too.
Say what?