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Sunday, March 13, 2011

My concept for a TV show...

The country of song and dance, and not one show on television to tap into the interest.
I give you Indias first musical drama 'Nayaa Daur', the story of a 20 year old girl who has resovled to bring back love into her mothers life after the father abandones them for another woman.
A fresh concept, its a revolution... multi faceted exploring relationships between single parents and children, the new line of thinking where the daughter believes her mother has the right to find love again, a woman in her late thirties dealing with life alone, the relationship between the new man and the daughter, meanwhile her college life... and more, beautified with popular hindi songs and sequences. Art, entertainment, drama, a new social movement.
Its a new era for Indian television, Nayaa Daur!

* well i put this up here cos I m reading this out to someone, if anyone tries to make this without crediting me... then at least I have some proof ;-)