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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Rarely, do I get so horny. Doesn't fucking matter if it’s provoked by some damnable sluts and their holy orgasms, I couldn't care less because I fucking love it.
The gravity, the things it does to my body mind, that uncontrollable movement of someone’s hands, scraping of the face against the nearest surface, kicking feet and every part else ticking.
I have noticed my watering mouth and how it wants to bite. The realization that the dick Does have a mind of its own!
I roll over and over, even make noises, hurl my favorite tunes, tense every muscle, all in a bid to intensify… make it last.
But soon, memory and all it knows takes over and the visual disappears. The soul still sexed up but everything else returning to silence. Leaving behind only the dream, and traces of buried resonance that it can be fulfilled…
‘If only I could fuck Excellence in my life’


Meher Manda said...

Quite intense and erotic.

Candida F said...

Well u seem moody towards excellence. It would seem vulgar, but it doesn't, quite nice.

Shivam S said...

Much appreciated Candida :)