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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Womans World (Prose-1)

She remembered that time she caught him cheating, her husband of 10 years as of today. It was the same. He took a long time to answer the door. Wearing an ironed suit, said they had been watching a film and couldn't hear the bell, him and his good friend, her.
He even went on to introduce the woman. They shook hands. And then out of nowhere a stray underwear entered stage.
Cued the woman to put up an over aggressive show, tears, justifications, proofs and all that. ‘I am married, for Christ’s sake, please’
‘So is he’
It was him she wanted to talk to, but he stood without a word. It was the same.
There would have been a cunt of an awkward silence had the woman not filled it with her continuous babble.
How did it end? She couldn't help but console the woman. 

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