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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Essay on: Profession I look upon as Noble.

Its early morning. The routine alarm tone wakes Sara. Margeret is asleep beside her. 'How beautiful you look'. whispers Sara planting a nimble kiss on Margerets forehead.

Tring Tring

A call from her Mrs. Donna catapults her back in time.

"Hows Denise doing? Did you feed her on time?''

"Yes, Mrs Donna. She's playing with the new doll you bought her for christmas", sighs Sara.

"Very well then, Sam and I will be a little late. Make sure she sleeps on time. Happy New years", as her voice fades to static.

Denise is inside her cradle fiddling with a skimpily clothed doll.

"Happy New Years my love", Sara calls into thin air.


It takes a mighty heart to do what Sara does every morning. Leave her two month daughter Margeret at her neighbours as she works all day, bringing up someone else's child, working as a Nanny.

Its beautiful and inspiring, her strength and love. Not because she does her job, but because she actually manages to fall in love with the child thats keeping her away from hers.

Which I believe is not something every one has the heart to do. So I look upon ethical care takers with so much respect.

'A Mother to many'. What can be more noble than being this person.

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