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Saturday, April 30, 2011


Dear He-Man,
Pappa always says never tell others about what happens ‘in’ the house. I think I know why… He has a clue that Mumma is a little… how do I say… odd. And since he married her, he too must be!
I ‘know’ they both are.
And I love them for that.
• Cos when Rahul’s mother is busy watching family sagas… I get to see Mumma do, or rather try to get through, Zumba… a dance program she tortured Pappa into gifting.
• And I love it every morning when her Singing Guruji comes over and they do Riyaaz. It’s been 1 year and she still doesn’t know he is deaf. Pappa and I do, but we never tell her.
• And then there is Pappa! He is the best father; we have our little secrets. And he loves Mumma to an extent where he is almost afraid of her. But the one thing that terrifies him and gets him hysteric is watching someone cut vegetables. He fears the person will end up chopping their fingers without realizing. Childhood memory. So Mumma can often be seen chasing him with a knife and an onion… It’s like Tom and Jerry.
• Sunita aunty is like the Queen of the house. Even Mumma is scared of her. She is our Bai, but I often hear Mumma saying she is her true life companion. Then who’s my daddy!
• Did I forget Amma, Pappa’s mother, my grand Mother who I have a feeling doesn’t like my mother… I am still looking for proofs.
I think I’ll stop here. But such is my family. Always active, always up to something, always making me laugh… Are we normal?
When I ask Pappa he says we are. Mumma takes the question as an offense so I have stopped asking her. You decide.
Sonu (I am 10 but turn 11 in 23 days. Big Boy)
Good Night He-Man.

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