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Monday, January 26, 2009

And thats what you mean to me...

You’re the question for all my answers
The reason I have them all...
For you I am who am I?
My mystery only you can solve
So lend me some of your love
For its you who makes me real
And that’s what you mean to me!

I know I have not been at best
And I know how you feel
But I promise it’s no disinterest
It’s my fate I can’t reveal
So I’m writing you this song
Saying you’re my destiny
And that’s what you mean to me!

For now I am asking for yours
It’s my heal, and not retreat
And that’s what you mean to me!

I am letting this song tell you!!
The answer I know you need
That you mean so much... to me

(I may not have the proofs as of now
I may not say it loud
But I know I have it in
Give it some time to sort out
I promise it will be worth it
Your wait and mine!
I promise it’s perfect
To last for all our lives...
All I need is your love
To nurture mine
To support me in my many battles
I have to fight.
For they are all for you
All ...that is mine
Like I said you are the reason
For me and my device
For us and our premise
All the magic that’s alive
For the love on which I thrive
For my promise
For my strive...
I dedicate to you this rhyme
Hoping this makes you realize
That you will mean the world to me
When the time is right!!!)

I promise I will tell you
Just how you want to hear!
What you mean to me...


Viral Savla said...

heyy buddy, i had been waiting long to read ur verse, nd these ones are really worth that wait..!!

nd i'll pray ur wishes turn into reality.

bye, take care pal.

Shivam S said...

thank you! very much hiral... u havent told me how u liked my atory yet...

Pratz said...