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Saturday, January 31, 2009

(Will only make sense if you have read my story in the post below which he hopes you do)

The unseen diaries made visible! (Will only make sense if you have read my story in the post below which he hopes you do)

Look, I am no sage no scholar... just a wandering gay man! That’s why I thought it would be inappropriate for me to tell you’ll what I have inferred from my story... however, since I have not been able to convey what I have been entrusted to, because you were unable to see what, I believe, I did, and I wanted you to... I now have to share with you my gift in words otherwise it makes it unworthy for you to know all that I have told you. (4 long pages- really appreciated!)
For which I will have to go back to what happened in the lift, after it shut the life out of me. The idea is that I didn’t just imagine what I saw. I can say that because, and you have to agree with me, that sometimes... you know when the surreal is real. And I know what it was! It’s not every day that a blind atheist sees a presence so powering that makes him go down on his knees... that his lost senses awaken.
I knew that very then I wasn’t going to die, I swear I did. And I know everything about that moment and everything else from then on. How?- is what I am meant to let you know.
This was after I touched HIM for the first time. When I let his tear into me... it rinsed the grime in me. I was a free man, and I could reach every part of me because of that. Here lied the key!
He had blessed me. And he told me his purpose. I don’t write accounts of my life on daily basis otherwise. He had chosen me to tell you his story.
(How depressing though that he believed it would take a blind man to see him and recognise! He didn’t even care about the fact that I never believed in him, that I was gay like mother says. How helpless could he have been?)
Anyways where were we... yes he had blessed me, and in return he had asked me to test his blessing, which I did as I passed it on to the guy with small hands and a big gun... that is what i did... I blessed every part of his body as I touched him. As I did that, I saw a man emerge from behind a dark silhouette. He was human. Didn’t he act like one? And now you know why?
THAT was the lesson... his purpose that I was chosen to disperse. That, ‘We humans are born with tremendous power. Power to share his blessing of humanity! Too bad we don’t realize, but here lies to answer for all plague. It lies within us. Discover that and you can discover all the good in the world. Cure the mightiest diseases- even that of hostility! All you have got to do is unearth, from within and together, that might... All we have got to do is stop unseeing his Light.’
It’s that simple. And that my friend is how I look at it. That is how I feel... not generous towards sin and those who fall prey to it, but empowered enough to beat it out even from the places where there is no hope!
Wish this makes it a little more worthwhile for you to know what you do. ALL THE BEST... he says!

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