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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Blogging is going through a slack allover... or is it just me!

Oh! I am tired of crying over things that i have lost. And now another! Well I am talking about blogging... its not like it used to be anymore. Where have those days of 20-30 comments gone! Are people too busy... or you guys bored of my writing, let me know yaar atleast? so I stop making this effort... thinking all the time about things you'll might like and stuff.
What is it? And I dont think its just me actually because I read other blogs too and the activity has gone down everywhere. Cant let this happen... I wont!
And you guys, especially the blogging community, have to help me rescue this great gift google has given us... remember the times... all those discussions! share of knowledge! fun! CONNECTION!
Remember all that we have given ourselves, all that we have lent to each other through this network... oh! Atleast for the sake of all the laughs(or horrors) my pictures have given you'll... PLEASE. let this not go down! (I promise more skin if you'll are with me in this!!!)
And If there is anything you feel is lacking, from my side also, which it has been because of a lot of stuff, let me know? And I promise in the name of the bloggods, it shall be done! All that you demand.
But dont leave me guys, and each other, for there is a lot to be shared yet... lot to be told! We are just entering the most exciting part of our lives... and lets stick together like we have until now.
Wont you?

SO... Long live Bloggerworld!
What say???


Parinita said...

I don't think you should write for other people anyway. Write for yourself. If other people also happen to like it, good for you then.

P.S. If you promise no skin show whatsoever, I might read your other posts too.

Shivam S said... thats likd funny////