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Saturday, October 11, 2008

ADIOS! Phir kabhie...

Well I just want to say that I had a lot of fun making this Blog.... though I didn't write much for it! ... But I had fun publicizing it anyways!!! … Telling every person I knew, about it… literally harrowing people to check it… and bombarding the ones who didn’t comment… It was GREAT!
I will not be Blogging anymore!!! (Yeah… I can see you going Thank god!)
The reason… Read on one last time… Its highly unnecessary though… so only if you have no other work

When I started this Blog, I had two motives.
: In quest of sweet mortality - Which was about finding self-like creatures and establishing communication with them through this forum… sharing certain of my works, beliefs, thoughts, basically… an integral part of me. And second
: Was about some simple things that I went through and the idea was to let everyone know about those experiences so they may extract something from it!

And they did! A little too much though.
Yes I may have misrepresented myself… fat chance!
But still, let me for ones put the blame on others… not that it makes a difference… but I have been advised to… so anyways

Like I was saying… the over interpreters
Agreed, the writings were about me or related to me and were mostly true.
But they were just a PART of me! And let me come clear… A tiny teeny part.
But these enthusiastic bunch of ‘know it alls’ went ahead and chose to define my whole on their basis.
Not just that, they first redefined each meaning in the every work and its context, based on their interpretations and THEN they implied them on me!
Geniuses’ all of them.

So I became Devdas for everybody… and that too one without a Paro
Piteously pitiful!

Not to forget, the dark Knight… ahem light in which people already see me (For which I am solely responsible… sorry I subjected you through all that) and so THE IDEAL COMBINATION DID WHAT IT HAD TO : Made everyone, including me, weary about Shivam.

And genuinely I can’t deal with it anymore.
Eccentricity will never be granted casual acceptance in our society so I might as well contain it!
No, I am not saying I am eccentric… THEY ARE
And like I told you in the earlier post… what they say is what I am made to be, by them and by me, both.

Besides, something I found out last night has just left me mystified
And amazed, for sure,
About the way people function! OR DISfunction… both equally self righteous so who cares?

So I’d rather concentrate on learning about PUBLIC behavior than myself
I am toh there forever
It’s these people that I have to retain
And to do so, I will have to be like them! (See I am learning finally)
This will, of course, require a lot of practice
And I am out of time already.

Wish me luck
I will keep on posting interesting things I come across anyways, so you can check once in a while.
But nothing really personal. (Not that you are really interested either!!!)

And maybe I will be back once things get sorted out
Maybe real quick
Just hope so please ‘coz trust me I will be missing this… AND YOU”LL!

Finally, a couple of acknowledgements!

Esha Rihal: Guys follow her blog It’s Fantastic!
Pratik Bubna : My first and most generous reader.
Smaran ...PROFESSIONAL NAME STEADTLER... i can give you'll his number too : My favorite critic in the whole wide world! #%**"@
Poorva Agarwal : Can’t thank her enough. Her blog is the most serene one I have come across. Serene and reflective… like her. Take the experience!
Viral Savla : Oh! My Poet Friend. My Pillar. My Inspiration. My source. One of the best poets I know. See for yourself on
And all the people who fell for my enforcement and read the Blog Or even *drooled* at the pictures. It really means the world to me!!! I am not even kidding. It does…

Couldn’t have been possible without you guys… Honestly. Thank you.

……………………..........END OF SHOW…………………………………


Pratz said...

That was a very emotional farewell to a blog well-made...I looked forward to more posts of yours ...but this was unexpected. Was just beginning to know the writer-philosopher-poet part of Shivam...A Shivam I had never seen nor thought of before...
The dude..whose presence means random jokes...and random talks...about rcnm and rcnmites...and those all those stupid fun watching with devotion..rajni movies in class.....
That guy is such an excellent writer I never knew...
One has seen the demise of many blogs in the past...hoped for the return of is really hoping this one will revive soon in the future... sustains hope....until that day...adios to the blogger Shivam

Esha said...

Please come back to blogging when you realise that you want to do it for YOU and not for anyone else =)
Until then, good luck in the real world :P

Viral Savla said...

oh my dear frnd,
these news doesnt sooth me, but i'll stay happy if they favour you....

but i'll always be optimistic and will be waitin 4 ur next post....

gud luck till u are'nt here, and hope u return back strong.

Shivam said...

Thanks guys
i l post a couple of already written stuff... so u ll can read that... but yeah, i guess this is for the best

Staedtler said...

I don't think you need to justify yourself through this, more over you didn't have to literally demean your own literature by stopping this self assigned "path of righteousness".

As for the commendations, sarcasm was never your trait nor it ever will be.

But then, you are my favorite faggot! 5 stars for that Anarkali picture though!

Shivam said...

STEADTLER...LOL. i will show u wat my thing is !!!! u wait.did i tell u i m in love with that song.... "all bcoz of u"

Candour said...

Shivam! I loved your last came with a lot of genuinenes... vengeance too! but genuine an heartfelt.. it really pierced me!
I have one thing to say to you...

"Not yourself within you,
Not 'them' without you',
But find yourself in the real world
This i wish for you..."

P.S. - You don't have to thank me ever. Ever. Ever. Ever.!

Shivam said...

Thank you so much... oops I did it again!