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Friday, October 3, 2008

Excerpts from the Goan Diary...

It happened to me in a shady club in Goa. It always happens to me in a club. And this is one major reason why I don't prefer clubbing. It always feels like a temple, too pius and provoking and awakening...The music. They see me dancing but that's not Me. I am toh somewhere far away with those guys screwing me up. Where I am made to see things I want to ignore, things we usually run away from, things we fear, and things we know we can do nothing about! Its like meditation, where the hidden thoughts come alive. I may be sounding like a maniac depressive to you but I am sure everybody has a place like that, where you have no control, you lose your body... Its all in the air. Oh! anyways read on... and see what happens, how it happens, and how it leaves me... When I go CLUBBING>>


Surrender my body
To the entangling beats of the night.
Marvelling... they mock my sway
But I swear it is not mine!

Rescued by some beings next door,
My master sets himself free,
Taking me beyond 'us'
Away from sweet mortality.

I long to get back to ignorance
'coz this view of me churns my left resistance.
My emptiness left bare,
And vulnerability barring all filling vents.
Contradictions won't let anything repair,
As my war with me continues...

Swells up the enigma down there
And I am taken further away
A tear of mine drops on my material disguise,
as he flows to the tune, lifeless.

Up here...
It is dooms' light.
Gone, I am, in the glare

And as I close down.
Erupts from within a lava of my nothingness,
burning everything I am in no time
I bid my adieus
I surrender once again... Arrest me my Demons!
I wait.

Meanwhile, an escaped flicker of a lazy good doubt
lights my within.
Then one last time, I peep inside the hollow cavern.
I am about to stare when
Hsss! I blind

It is the endlessness of my space.
The glamour of its unoccupied volume,
echoing 'what I am isn't what I'll be,
That I am just a beginning, with a choice to retain what I keep'.

They say my upgradation is complete
And just when I am about to ask if
... Once again, the noise of silence
My senses lost.

And I am catapulted back to time

Shivering, I open my eyes,
To find my people
Rejoicing on my opportunity
On this blessed lightness I can, now, enjoy.

But, only, till I am refilled with the unholy,
Again, longing to be taken.

And goes on the voluptuous morn.
My smile intact throughout,
as I converse with the music...
Gratified about my whereabout!!!


Pratz said...

nice!!!! loved this part:

'what I am isn't what I'll be,
That I am just a beginning, with a choice to retain what I keep'.

Viral Savla said...

This was one of the greatest expeditions, deep within self...

It was so captivating as you read it.
I could myself feel, the path as u described.

Spirituality blooming.

Shivam said...

Viral.... u soung like a Mahatma man... Where is my friend!!!!