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Friday, October 31, 2008

Every time!

Every time, you call my name
It is gonna brighten up your day!
Every time, you think of me
I am gonna make you happy
No, you don’t need to hesitate
I am yours for always, and I’ll do what it takes
To see that smile on your face
You look beauty-ful...

So call me, if things look bad
Call me when you feel lonely
You can call me anytime
Whenever you need me...
I am just a thought across
I am right inside you, feel me
Just place you hand on your heart
And flyyy....

To my place, where nothings a drag
No rush, your dreams in tact
You can rise
And go high
It’s still hard
Keep believe.

It’s my place, so good get’s you at last
Then you can take it, to your past
Like I said
Hold your heart
Just breathe
And you’ll be back
In your time

Every time you call my name
Don’t wait, just call my name
Call my name.

Every time, you call my name
The feeling you will get won’t be the same.
No, don’t hide from the blame
Let them claim.

Return to my place
We’ll sort it out
Together, in his name!
All you need, is all the same
What you have!

Your my place...


Viral Savla said...

it was so mystifically done and then brought back to simplicity,

"Satyam Shivam Sundaram"

Viral Savla said...

and yes.nice pic too...........

Shivam said...

thanks a ton man!

Pratz said...

read your blog after a long time....beautiful....nice.....

Shivam said...

thanks man! I will post a couple of things soon...