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Monday, October 27, 2008


Here is something I had done for my Sociology project. It is a sociological analysis of a poem I had written. the analysis is a lso in the poetic format so... Read on...

Notes of a mad man!

When the world is laughing,

I hold back

Pitying their ignorance.

Doubting the fair

With a sense of pride

Loathing all innocence.

Drawing pleasure from the dark

Not rejoicing the light.

Searching only for the higher purpose

Leaving everything else behind.

Marching along the unknown

Hoping, sacrifice serves the reason

For its not with Them that I belong

Living the unlived season.

Thwarted by present

I am celebrating pain

Numbing the urge,

for only the future remains.

The path that I am walking

Opens only towards the end

which is a new beginning in itself

Let’s all the wounds mend

For sure, the blooded will have his victory

It’s in the nature

Resistencia will lead to discovery,

Tastier than all flavours.

And this shall be my story...

I’ll try my best to preach.

But mortality will never realize

For they believe only ‘luck’ is within their reach!


Everything is social

All thoughts, all actions, their reactions, their purposes...

Every creation, every work is relevant and a part of the sociological being of a person.

It is a reflection of ‘his’ sociology, his sociological imagination...

A canvas of his beliefs, of his morals,

Representing, where he stands in the sociological aspect of things!

‘Mutual’... everything is mutual, all losses all gains, the celebration as well as pains, all journeys... and all people... ALL beings, life and lifeless.

Having said this, I make it very clear that the mentioned piece of work is a part of ‘me’. And this is my effort to understand that part by using my knowledge in Sociology, imparted to me by Prof. Nandini Sardesai.

I am thankful to her.

Let us begin...

To understand an art, one must first understand its purpose...

He writes to clarify

He writes to strengthen

He writes to announce,

to himself and to others

His mind! His soul! His him.

His doubts, he calls for help, his shouts

All out

He wants to feel light.

The route... he wants a cohort.

Somebody to cling on to in the blackout

Where he resides, in his search for light.

He simply writes to feel strong headed... he is a cynic. A BEAUTIFUL cynic, if you can see.

Can you, he asks?

Now that we know why, lets figure out what.

Going stanza wise:-

When the... all innocence (Ethnocentrism)

He stands tall

Above all

So, he thinks.

He is anti-order

Burning all the fodder

provided to him,

In the incest of ethnocentrism.

He demeans others’ status.

Resists relativism.

He believes he is asociable. And he is loving it!

Drawing Pleasure... else behind (Culture)

His culture is asociable too.

Re-ordered to his sociology.

Limited to ‘black’ and ‘white’... his colours

His only colours.

Focused at the destination,

he invents, recreates, barring adaption, diffusion,

his way of breathing.

His language, only to himself

Meant to hide him.

To keep away norms, to keep away ‘their’ culture

Exclusivity to the reward, his goal!

Marching along... future remains (Social control, Interaction, Group)

Still, alone,

He rides to his throne.

Out grouping all

He lives beyond ‘control’

No interaction

Secluded satisfaction

Sensuous direction

Damned jurisdiction.

He owns his world!

Thwarted by... the future remains (Reality, Status, Definitions, Institution

His world, his reality

Time is his, and so is its duality.

Shaped by his perceptions

Rather the lack of it

Evaluating definitions

Re-meaning them. A new genesis!

His world is his master status

‘I’, the only resident.

‘I’, the only role.

‘I’, the only institution.

‘I’, the only descendent.

Where I lives on forever, but first it has to be created.

The path... wounds mend. (Reference group, Anticipatory Socialization)

That him is his reference

So he must remake

Sociology be cursed

For his creation is at stake.

Endure the bruises now

For then’s sake

For then will only survive

With now’s loss intake!

For sure... all flavours (Resocialization)

He is created.

And he is dripping

Smiling at ‘wait’

Victory bells ticking.

For he will achieve his reference

Its done, its set

Its found, its on its way.

His role is coming

And its just the start.

Poor boy! All that he has resisted will greet him as he wins

For he will celebrate,


At that ‘now’ he never believed in!

This shall... Luck is within their reach.

Wow! It’s amazing to realize that, no matter how hard you try to run away, this world gets you finally. “Thank world for that!” we would say. But what about this boy who will one day realize that all he had left back during his journey is what he got at the end of it. Irony, at its killing best, isn’t it?

He achieved what he wanted to without anybody to his side, but in the end he had to come back to the people to share his reward, his story. Because a reward has no meaning if it’s not shared.

Some things are not meant to be exclusive. Life is not meant to be exclusive!


Bow your heads

And let the trumpets blow

For the social order of things prevails.

Thank you for reading my work. I really appreciate it.


Anuj Gosalia said...

Some questions & thoughts :
A. Is the post autobiographical or ficiton?
B. Why have you titled it 'Notes of a mad man'?
C. Have you read The Fountainhead?
D. I like your dissection. My 'Sociology' knowledge or the lack of it does not enable me to comment on the nuances.
E."He achieved what he wanted to without anybody to his side" - Didn't he want it that way?
F."Some things are not meant to be exclusive. Life is not meant to be exclusive!" - But for the most part this said person's life is exclusive, isn't it? Or was it the moral of the poem?
G.Why can't life be exclusively lived for one's self? Didn't Gautam Buddha do that when he went to the forests leaving his wife and child behind?
H. Ok. Nothing more to add. But as always, this write opened that can of questions...
I. Keep Writing.
J. Cheers.
K. There is no way I can reach Z. Adios.

Anuj Gosalia said...

Follow up thought to F.

If life isn't meant to be exclusive And this said mad guy was victorious in the end of your poem. Paradox isn't it?

Because from what I gather - his life is exclusive.

Shivam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shivam said...

thanks man!!!! K is more than good for me! okay...
A) it IS autobiographical... yes!
B)Well thats the idea... dont u think a person like this will b looked upon as mad! or the least.. I have thats y.
hes rediculously self righteous, obsessed, a rebel, anti order...what else is madness for the world!
C)No I havent...y?
E)he bloody did...however he had to go to the people ultimately to share his success story and he might as well wud hav shared some sorrow and pain, aint it?
F)its the was at he believed but he was proved wrong in the end as he went back to the world with his reward...
G) but that was not forever...and his motive also was social...about the people and not him exclusively!
H)i am terribly glad abt that!
I)i will...
J)happy Diwali man!
K)neither wud I

Staedtler said...

Jeez! Those pics look like child pornography.

Honestly, get rid of them please. Before more people happen to see them. Thanks.

Shivam said...

Its how u see them man! i see in it the protagonist of my post...and his emotions...all vivid and bare for the readers to see...I am comfortable with that!Thanks for reading though....if the pics dint scare u too much...i presume u wud hav read!... delusions,right?

Staedtler said...

Yes its completely normal to take pics of thy self in a naked stance. Bravo.

Shivam said...

I am glad u appreciate it!

Viral Savla said...

complex philosophies put to paper.its simply you, really appreciate u......

Shivam said...

thanks man! and i appreciate u readin it!!!

S©Å®ê©®ØW said...

Seriously, i know you've just started writing and all, but it just could have been so much better, if you could just post explanations along the lines you are explaining, even copy-pasting would do and would go a long way of helping non-sociology freaks of getting through to the end!
If you think you need a wider reader base, take this into account the next time.
Till then, hope this was worth the trouble, yours and mine.

P.S.- Word verification-Quessly!
Really, quessly? Google''s got to improve their CAPTCHA :D

Shivam said...

if u say so man!
well abt the explainations, aah
coz not all the writings are sociological so chill!
and ur jaoke, if at all it was, on quessly!!! dude i genuinely did try to undrstand but couldnt so u may elaborate on that...
but nevertheless thanks for readin man! means a lot to me u kno that!

S©Å®ê©®ØW said...

lol.....when you leave a comment, you have to enter a captcha word so that people dont spam, i got a word quessly :D
Quessly is some last name and this time i got stedil, thats also a last name.

Shivam said...

i still dint get u!

Esha said...

Shivam, I think the pictures you include in your blog posts are sort of a distraction.
One tends to interpret the post by merely looking at the pictures before giving it a fair chance and actually reading the whole thing.
Or maybe it's just me. Just a thought..