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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thats what I think about you....

Springs In Your Head!

I just want to tell you that
I will wait...
Wait till the time you can know that I am worthy enough to know the other you!
The one you are closer to.
The one you are one with!
I have seen glimpses of her...
In your smiles sometimes
But you are careful enough to laugh at that very moment... to hide!
I wonder
Try to remember.
Then I realize
Of course, the most sacred of things are meant to be protected
But are you sure you are comfortable with being undetected?
Think about it...
I will know your answer, you don’t have to say
Just know this
Wherever you go, I will be with you on that way!
To pray
So you never go astray
For it’s not a bay
This channel of clandestine existence!
One can be really lost
Without being lost at all.
Such is its anonymity
This worldly animosity...
Your blessings
And mine
be with you for always. Amen.
And with this ‘you’ too, just in case you chose to retain her!
I like you both
And I will love you both
When the time is right
Then you can love me to!
Till then, let’s wait.


The River.

Whenever you walk down that road
I think to myself where you’re gonna go
Are you going straight or you’ll turn right?
Or when I blink, you will be out of sight!

Let me know
Where I have to go
If I ever need to find...
Please tell me so
If I’ll ever know
Where is it that you reside!

Sometimes you turn, look back at me
And say somethings i don’t wanna see
But when you look again, and flash your smile
All doubts are washed off, takes just a while!

I am letting you know
So you can warn me now
If you feel you’ll need more time
To figure me out
To chalk out my course
To see if we both rhyme!

La la la la la la la la
To say that you are my friend!
La la la la la la la la
I will stay till you amend!
That I am now your friend!


Candour said...

Wow!!! Gosh.. I loved it!

Pratz said...

loved it.....

Shivam said...

its something I wrote for two of my friends!