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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mazaa yeh Jalwa!!! ***1/2 Star Rating by the 5 Star reviewer!

With his latest offering, Madhur Bhandarkar has proved that he has more than just facts to share, for Fashion, unlike his other movies, is not just a depiction of reality, but a story... a tale... and that too surprisingly a delightful one!
Keeping in mind Madhur’s delight quotient that is...
Kangana opens the show, continuing from where she left in ‘Woh Lamhe’. She plays a devious super model Shonali Gujral (Gets really angry when her abusive boyfriend, more like sex and coke buddy, calls her crazy!), who ends up losing her career to an upcoming model Meghna Mathur (Priyanka Chopra) and to the much hyped addiction. She is admitted to a rehab for until the end of the movie. We will talk more about her later. That’s for sure!
As for our heroine, who comes to Bombay... aah! Mumbai... Mumbai, who comes to Mumbai from Chandigarh to fulfil her (mind you, not just model) but her super model dream, Madhur makes it an easier than miraculous ride for her. She gets her first show too fast to quick (Spare the lingerie advertisement... that’s just for Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Yes there are some funny moments here) and in no time, she becomes a top model! *Trust me girls, it is not that easy*. As for Meghna, she takes the other road, driving in the ‘employee with benefit’ lane with Arbaaz Khan, a fashion honcho, who escorts her till the top. (And keeps her there!)
But Fashion ka jalwa gets to our girl. She goes around insulting everyone (Reason is not justified though, apart from what she calls “attitude”) sparing not even her roommate cum part time boyfriend Manav (Arjan Bajwa, a newcomer to look forward to definitely). She rubs Arbaaz the wrong way and result- Her contract is terminated. And she has no friends for support either.
Her lifestyle changes drastically. She falls on alcohol and smoke, and takes to the junkie lifestyle. Drunk and high, she ends up sleeping with a black guy (*evil eye to the director*). That strikes her (The colour black) and she realizes the mess she has put herself into.
Upset, she goes back to her parents. A year goes by; she gets psychological help! But then her dad (Raj Babbar) figures out that her only cure is that she must back to Mumbai and start all over again. He advices her this, and she returns to Mumbai. Apologising to everybody in her contact list, she decides she will start afresh. She again gets an opportunity (She has the right friends!) but this time she messes that up.
She is broke in all means. It is here that Kangana resurfaces, on the roads of Mumbai (You know where this is taken from). Meghna takes up her responsibility, in repentance. She helps Shonali recover, and in the process finds her lost spirit.
Let me not reveal the climax. T hough it very predictable but still it holds you.
The same can be said about the entire film, very blatant in terms of story, but the director keeps you engaged never the less. So much so that despite the 170 minutes length, you still want the movie to not end (Though a major reason and credit for this goes to the look designers and choreographers. Voila! The girls look magnificent). It truly is fashion at its best.
Taking about the girls, Kangana Ranaut is unbeatable on the ramp. The lady burns it from the first step, making Priyanka look like a substandard replacement throughout. Way to go! Brilliant performance also as she justly personifies the madness of a supermodel, in the most relentless fashion, using her dysfunctional accent as an asset once again and steals all the sympathy form Priyanka. As for Piggy Chops, she does her thing, yes, but then that’s all she does. And I have to mention this, the lines on her neck are a turn off, make up malfunction once again, and also when you see the slim as a scale Kangana and Mugdha Godse (who looks pretty where she has to and has acted fairly), it is difficult to not notice her paunch. Buck up on that one sweety. You are a super model Nevertheless she has her oomph moments of course, and has delivered a substantially grounded performance.
As for the detailing in the movie (Madhur’s speciality), guess there is just too much to show, for he hardly covers all aspects of Fashion, maybe touching some, but all that hoopla about revelations about the industry, there are none, apart from the usual gay, promiscuous and couch shades! Technical’s fair well, however cinematography had a lot more scope. The music is really good however it is underutilized I feel.
But overall, damn the movie is must watch. Your eyes are going to love this and so is your heart. And genuinely, there is nothing really ‘adulty’ about the movie. So go enjoy it with your family. Yes I used the word enjoy. See for yourself!


S©Å®ê©®ØW said...

you did say enjoy, but with your family?!??!
anyways, nice review, doesn't make me wanna go and watch it right away, but maybe consider it.

Shivam said...

i m glad it affected u!

Staedtler said...

I didn't really enjoy it. I thought it was too elongated and too much unnecessary bs had crept into it. Too predictable and flawed in many senses. All in all, they could have done a much better job. I think you are being too generous with the rating.

I would give it **.

manav said...

u can really write poems man..
i tried once..... disastarous consequences...