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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sorry Priyanka!

I know I am going a little over board here, apologising to Priyanka Chopra and all. Of course she doesn’t care what I write! But I am doing this because I feel I have wronged my work. My film review. Now, I cannot make any changes in the aol site where it is published but I thought the least I could do is tell you guys about it.
Well I have said in the review that Priyanka just does her thing, performing substantially well. I saw Fashion yesterday again. And Priyanka delivers a stellar performance! I don’t know why I over looked or couldn’t see the first time.(Probably I was too charmed by Kangana's madness and you guys sure know the reason for the affinity!) . Or probably, the lines on Pri’s neck and the paunch were too big a turn off for me. But again it is not fair for me to impose my obsessions on you guys. So I want to correct myself.
Well Priyanka's role was way more tougher in terms of performance than Kangana's and the lady has done it with utmost skill, confidence and most importantly she never went over the top in any of the scenes, let Kangana do her thing, even though she knew she was stealing it from her. Bravo girl. This just shows how mature is her approach towards filming and also that she is very confident about her capabilities. I hope the other actors learn something from her! She doesn’t blow you off in all the scenes, but when you look back at the movie, you realize how amazingly she has portrayed all the emotions. Very well.Finally she is back!
And one more thing, I forgot to mention this in the review but guys! The wardrobe malfunction scene where Kangana's boot strap snaps is one of the most wonderfully captured and amazingly performed scene in a lot of time. Fantastic!
Way to go girls!

1 comment:

Staedtler said...

LOL. Yeah those neck lines are awesomely weird.

She did perform well, but I really don't know why Aishwarya seemed to be a better casting option for this movie.

True, the wardrobe malfunction was sudden (predictable but sudden) and was shot really well, they didn't dwell too much into it and the screen time for it was perfectly snug.