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Saturday, October 4, 2008

It is funny I keep apologising to people I have lost!!! They ain't coming back anyways. What do you'll think... Should I continue?

Michaami Dukhdam... I say

Look at me
Look at me again...
With the eyes you once had,
With that heart, I, hurt so bad.
Try and see...

People break
But it doesn’t mean that they are broken
For what you see is also what you don’t.
Scars do show
Yet the soul remains soulful
I swear, I promise, believe me, I won’t.

But now I am done with asking
My remains remain with you
I don’t know why
But it is like a sweet melody, this pain.
It makes me smile, then I flood,
which drowns the ‘me’ in me
Like you always wanted to.
God bless my misery!

It’s not like I can’t
But I won’t emerge
The beauty is that the more it swells, the more I bow down to you.
They ring the bells!
To waver my guilt.
I resist.

Rescue me
Before I lose it all
Help me stay in pain!
For that’s the only way we can stay together...

1 comment:

Pratz said...

nice...dude...the best part abt your blog is the style u use...verse with a pic...loved the concept